Avanda is set apart by these key strengths:

LEADERSHIP. Avanda is led by a team of seasoned investment professionals who have worked closely together across multiple market cycles for a preeminent global investment fund, where they managed large diversified portfolios with established long-term track records. They carry a wealth of experience in global financial markets, with particular insights into the Asian region thanks to their intimate engagement with the Asian financial market since the onset of its development.

EXPERTISE. Our investment team has expertise in asset allocation, currency hedging, active portfolio management, external manager selection, cash management, portfolio rebalancing and risk management across multiple asset classes.

UNDERSTANDING. With extensive experience in advising institutional asset owners such as sovereign funds, central banks, pension funds, foundations and endowments, our investment professionals have a deep understanding of the financial needs and risk preferences of these institutions, as well as the investment solutions that would best serve their long-term interests.

NETWORKS. Drawing on the wide network forged by our principals over many years, we have access to exceptional external managers, as well as opportunities to co-invest with leading institutional investors globally and in Asia.